El Congreso de Indianápolis




indianapolis vistaEl día 15 de este mes salgo para Indianápolis,Indiana,donde tendrá lugar el Congreso de la Asociación Internacional Americana de encajes IOLI fundada en 1954. Enseñaré Encaje de Hinojosa y daré dos clases de dibujo,una de patrones de Hinojosa y otra de cómo dibujar encajes de Torchón y sus diagramas. Aquí tenéis la información de las clases:

Dear 2016 IOLI Convention Registrants,

The 63rd Annual IOLI Convention kicks off on Sunday, July 17th with the opening dinner and continues through Saturday, July 23rd. In addition, there will be a new, two-day class in Beginning Bobbin Lace offered before the Convention on Saturday and Sunday, July 16thand 17th. Also being offered is a one-day class on July 17th on Mastering the Bolster Pillow.

Indianapolis, situated in the center of the state, is the capital of Indiana. The theme “Indy 200: Race to Make Lace” is a natural choice as we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of Indiana’s statehood in 1816 and the 100th anniversary of the running of the Indianapolis 500 auto race. Join us to experience Hoosier hospitality, great classes and presentations, two wonderful tours, and socializing with other lacemakers.

Tuesday is Hat Day

Tuesday is Hat Day – Participate in the fun at the Tuesday convention dinner. The 2015 banquet presentation in Iowa was all about hats, so we decided to designate Tuesday’s dinner this year as «Wear your Hat to Dinner.» You are invited to wear a lace-related hat which is decorated with lace or all lace. We will see ladies wearing a boater, a fascinator in the style of Kate Middleton, a straw hat, a cowboy Stetson, a fedora or other type of hat. Let your creative ideas flow.


Open to the Public:

On Wednesday, the sales room, display room and special evening presentations are open to the public free of charge. In addition a Mini-Registration, which is available for any one day of the convention, permits the registrant to attend that day’s sponsored activities. See Registration information for details about a Mini-Registration. On Saturday there are classes. The Display Room will not be open, but the Sales Room will be open to the public at no cost.

Basic (New Lacemaker): No experience with making lace.

Beginner: Knowledge of basic technique and materials.

Intermediate: Knowledge of basic technique/materials and their use in the technique being taught.

Advanced: Ability to execute simple and difficult elements of technique, plus knowledge of color and design, which will allow for exploration and creativity.

Mixed (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced): Class is suitable for all levels above the basic level


30 Hour Class (M T W TH F, AM & PM) $430

AW101 Needlelace Practicum—Intermediate to Advanced (Laurie Waters)

This class is full.

Laurie Waters This class is an introduction to five different Continental needlelace techniques, approaching the subject as an apprentice would in actually learning the lace. Each day we will cover a different type of lace:
Monday – Alençon. New examples of work in process have come to light, which clarify the basic construction of this lace.
Tuesday – Point de Gaze
Wednesday – combining needle and bobbinlace emphasizing needle-made grounds and decorative fillings.
Thursday – Venetian-style flat and raised needlelaces, learning from Seventeenth Century examples in process.
Friday – Burano needlelace.
Students will learn the basics of pattern preparation, and practice on a typical beginner’s sampler. Traditional hand position and movements will be strongly emphasized. These were developed to enable the construction of needlelace in the most efficient manner possible, and are little understood today. The course will also provide an intensive look at the stylistic and technical variations found in each type of lace, which not only gives insight into lace identification, but also can stimulate ideas for modern interpretations. This class approaches the subject of Continental needlelace from a very basic perspective and will be of use to lacemakers at all levels. Warning – most of these laces use the traditional Continental hand position where the needle is pulled away from the body, and students must be willing to adapt to this technique. Supplies

24 Hour Classes (M T TH F, AM & PM) $350

AP202 Barjac Ombrée—Intermediate to Advanced (Ulrike Voelcker)

This class is full.

Ulrike Voelcker Learn a recently discovered charming old lace with 100% continuous threads. This lace is interesting for a range of lacemakers from good Torchon workers (with good diagram reading skills) to those who can work almost anything independently. The prickings vary from intermediate to very advanced and use as few as 30 pairs to more than you can count. If you wish to extend your Barjac lace, sign up for Ulrike’s W701 class.Supplies

AP203 Hinojosa—Mixed (Beginner to Advanced)(Mariña Reguerio)

This class is full.

Mariña Reguerio Hinojosa is a braid lace. We will be learning Hinojosa through patterns where the basic turns and the most attractive stitches are practiced to be able to overcome difficult pieces in the future. The 24 stitches are similar to those in Milanese Lace and are combined in a way that makes this lace very attractive and easy for those having knowledge of Russian, Milanese, or other braid laces. For those students who want to create new pieces in a creative way, we will give hints to make your own designs in a contemporary way.

3 Hour Wednesday – AM Classes – $43

WA801 Drafting Torchon Lace Patterns & Diagrams—Mixed (Beginner to Advanced) (Mariña Reguerio)

Mariña Reguerio Have you always wanted to create your own Torchon pattern? This is your chance to learn to draft an original pattern and diagram.

3 Hour Wednesday – PM Classes – $43

WP801 Drafting Hinojosa Tapes—Mixed (Beginner to Advanced) (Mariña Reguerio)

Mariña Reguerio Come learn to draft the beautiful Hinojosa tape lace. Learn the technique from the basics of the pattern—beginning to end.